Deciding Between Leather iPhone Case Versus Regular Silicone Case

Deciding Between Leather iPhone Case Versus Regular Silicone Case

Deciding Between Leather iPhone Case Versus Regular Silicone Case

Investing in a brand new iPhone comes with purchasing the right case for your phone. The sleek iPhone glass back cover requires an extra layer of safety and one way or the other.

You cannot carry such a delicate piece of technology without worrying about it falling and chipping around the corners. 

Reviewing the market comes with endless options, and an array of debatable points whether leather or any other material like silicone is the best choice for phone cases designed for newer iPhones. 

Exploring Features of Leather iPhone Cases 

Leather phone cases are undoubtedly a brilliant innovation and one cannot argue their timelessness, protection and the style they provide. Undoubtedly these cases are actual statement pieces.

Even though the design variation is less in contrast to the silicone cases, the innovation has undoubtedly provided room for experimenting new designs over the years. 

The design options for leather phone cases start with basic or casually identified as classic-leather: a plain sleek leather back cover made from cowhide which has a smooth finish and a premium feel to it.  

Manufactures nowadays are also producing grain textured leather covers, multi layered plain and textures cover etc which add a very particular element to style with an added safety feature for a handy experience on the go.

As the grainy texture provides friction against smooth surfaces it prevents accidental slips from hands or flat surfaces. 

With daily usage, the leather material can absorb excessive sweat from palms or moisture from the environment so it never gets sticky even during summers which is a great alternative against silicone cases which get very sticky and develop stains after a certain time period. 

Leather covers easily pass drop tests as they can absorb the shock, preventing any damage to the phone both from the inside and outside. 

A particular segment of iPhone users prefer leather phone cases over silicone cases as they add an element of preservation and render timeless style statements. 

Revealing Some Facts About Silicone iPhone Cases

Silicone phone cases have been around pretty much from forever, they are never out of style. They are the safest and quite economical choice for any phone, even for Apple iPhones. They are readily available and are usually the first choice as well. 

The color options are endless, and their elasticity provides great protection against occasional bumps and rough everyday usage. 

Apart from the style and protective features, silicone phone cases allow limitless design rendition over them. You can print images, text, textures almost anything over these cases which adds a very personal touch, hence they are quite popular among younger iPhone users.

Yet, there is reportedly one major drawback where the print chips off or the rubber itself peels off and is extremely sensitive to humidity. It heats fast and often causes the phone to malfunction because of its inability to dissipate the heat quickly.

A particular issue most iPhone users face is keeping their phone’s camera safer as they have a bulged camera and screen which requires extra protection against breakages and scratches. 

Conclusively, leather from original cowhide is definitely costly than a readily available silicone case yet it saves a lot of trouble and money over a certain period of usage.

Silicone cases, although marketed at a much lower price, are expensive as they require replacement every few months. 

The debate here is not settled yet, but we do have a clear idea of which phone case is better in terms of durability with providing a safe experience, an added element of style when it’s about keeping an expensive piece of technology like iPhone safe and usable. 

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